What’s in a session

We Sing

Moo Music is based around very catchy songs with clever tunes and simple yet effective lyrics. The songs are loved by us, and our parents and carers. Sometimes we get funny looks when we are singing them at the top of our voices… in the post office queue!

We Moove

Many of the songs introduce us to types of dance while others just require us to run around. We are very tired by the end.

We Play

The whole session is really a structured playtime for us but included within the sessions are some game songs which we really enjoy. Game songs are a great way for us to learn simple directions and commands.

We Learn

There is something for us to learn in every song – both physically and mentally. Although ultimately a fun session, the team of child education specialists behind Moo Music have ensured that a wide range of basic skills are incorporated into the sessions for us. We don’t really notice ourselves but we can hear our parents talking about it.

We Have Fun

Ultimately this is what it’s all about. If we weren’t having as much fun as we do together with our enthusiastic leaders we may as well stay at home. The fact that we learn skills and exercise is just a bonus to the fun we’re having. 

We Love It

It’s the highlight of our week. We sing the songs at home and in the car but it’s not the same as when we all come together. It really is a very special time!